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      And what could be more contradictory to the jargon about Nature, whose guidance, impulses, feelings, &c., were to be so implicitly obeyed, than the spectacle of a woman in the height of her youth and beauty, loving her husband, and yet amusing herself by writing in her pocket-book in this cold-blooded manner, a long list of his infidelities and ending by expressing her satisfaction?

      I believe this is the first time Ive breathed since Ive been in London, she said. Oh! how beautiful it is! Look at those tall firs. Why, one might be a hundred miles from London. Whats that great, shining place on the hill behind us?

      What a beautiful spirit this, which was so early quenched by the cruelest stroke of Fatea light such as seldom shone out of mortal clay, a spirit of fire and brightness, intangible, untamable, not to be shut within common limits, nor judged by common laws!He bit his lip.

      Yes. A fine reward for a poor creature who perhaps has not bread to eat, isnt it? I shall have to go to-morrow to hear the evidence ... and again in a month for what they call the coronation. It might amuse you to see it once.... But the strangest thing is the importance these good people [378] attach to the ceremony, and the exultation of the relations of the rosire. One would think they had gained a valuable prize. It may amuse one for the moment, but when one has to see it every year, it is a ridiculous thing for a reasonable man.

      Oh, hes a Welshman, she exclaimed. Sometimes they call him the Wild Welshman; but hes always very good to me.

      Capital letter R


      Why not? he said, evidently amused.I wonder who they were? said Lady Wyndover, plaintively. What were they like?


      Oh, here you are, Trafford, said Lord Blankyre; I am sorry to have found you, for Lady Ada promised me this dance, if I failed to do so.


      Before he had time to get out his revolver, she had snatched hers from her pocket and fired. He heard a cry, and saw a man rise from behind the bushes, sway to and fro, and then fall on his face.